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A Cake Wreck is any cake that is unintentionally sad, silly, creepy, inappropriate - you name it. A Wreck is not necessarily a poorly-made cake; it's simply one I find funny, for any of a number of reasons. Anyone who has ever smeared frosting on a baked good has made a Wreck at one time or another, so I'm not here to vilify decorators: Cake Wrecks is just about finding the funny in unexpected, sugar-filled places.

Now, don't you have a photo you want to send me? ;)

- Jen

We Are SO Gonna Get In Trouble For This One...

You know when your waiter at a restaurant tells you that you look like somebody really famous, and you're always secretly terrified they're going to say it's Gary Busey or a "heftier" version of Macauley Culkin?

Or is that just me?

Well, we got this awesome Batman cake in a while ago, and I couldn't for the life of me figure out who it reminded me of. Here, see if it rings any bells for you...

Let's see, strong chin, luscious full lips, surgically enhanced cheek bones...Who could it be?

Oh, wait, now I remember.

This lady:

Remember to use your inside voices when you screech in terror, mmkay, class? Inside voices. That's better. Now. See the resemblance? No?

[clickety-click, mouse, mouse, click] (that's the sound of mad-Photoshop-skills at work)

Ok, how 'bout now?

See? Just like the cake.
Only, you know, with a side of eye-clawing terror.

Enjoy it while you can, Cewest; I figure we have approximately 4 minutes before someone tries to sue us.

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Note: The woman pictured is the infamous "Cat Woman." She has had extensive plastic surgery, and enjoys being seen and photographed in public like any other celebrity. Since she chooses to look this way, we thought including her photo would be more appropriate than, say, Jay Leno's. Since some of you have still found this offensive, however, rest assured that we've nixed all the jokes about Owen Wilson's nose in future posts.

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    Cake Wrecks - Home - We Are SO Gonna Get In Trouble For This One...
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    Response: sale konferencyjne
    Cake Wrecks - Home - We Are SO Gonna Get In Trouble For This One...

Reader Comments (160)

With the scrotal-esque chin, the Batman cake reminded me of Peter Griffin from Family Guy!

I for one vote "yes" on the cat-woman picture. It was funny, not mean, and extremely awesome!

September 12, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterChad W

My first thought was Courtney Love....

September 12, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterErin

Actually, when I thought of who it looked like, the first person who came to mind is Val Kilmer, because he's definitely got that quadruple chin thing going on these days and the creepishly large lips for a man.... But the lips do totally look like cat woman.

September 12, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterMegan

I wouldn't even touch that cake with a 10 foot pole!


September 12, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterAnonymous

Oh, and by the way..

I can't believe people are actually offended that Cake Wrecks posted her picture on here.

Seriously, there are other wimpy blogs you can go to.

People will "wah" and "boo hoo" about anything these days.

September 12, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterAnonymous

This is absolutely brilliant. And extremely eerie. (She looks so much better with the mask photoshopped on.)

As for the whole 'you're so mean' bit... this lady has pretty much flaunted herself out in public knowing full well she'd be satirized. This was actually quite kind, esp. compared to a lot of other blogs. Get over it, anons.

Bloody brilliant post, as always. keep on going. Cake Wrecks is one of my favorite blogs; don't change a thing.

September 13, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterLT

The Batman cake looks like it's sitting on top of my mom's 1970's ashtray.

September 13, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterKore

I'd be willing to say every anonymous post going "you're so mean, take this down!" is the same person.

1) They're all Anonymous.
2) Anonymous mentality of staying Anonymous.
3) You DID mention if you got more comments about it you'd think about it. That just asks for sock-puppeting.

Now, I would have thought similar until it was made clear that this woman is public and proud of it. Changes the rules of engagement a little, yes? I've personally never heard of her until now... yeugh.

-- Izzy

wv: untew -- I wish I had an "untew" button to go back to before I saw that picture!

September 13, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterAnonymous

I thought it kind of looked like fat Elvis with a Batman mask on! :)

September 13, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterZedral Z

I've always wondered at the plastic surgeons who actually agree to do more surgery on this woman. Sad that she feels she needs to alter herself to look like the cats that her husband so loves, just sad.
FWIW - the cake looks like Peter, the dad on Family Guy (yeah, I know he's not real, maybe he's the true Batman alter-ego, maybe it's NOT Bruce Wayne after all . . . . )

September 13, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterLorri S

At first when I looked at the cake, I thought Donald Trump!

September 13, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterAnonymous

the cake looks good though.

September 13, 2009 | Unregistered

Actually, I think it looks more like Brian Cowen:

September 13, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterMs Avery

Oh. My. God.
This is both hilarious AND nausea-inducing!
Why oh why would someone want to do that to their face on *purpose*? O_O

September 13, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterSarah K.

I have to add my voice to those saying that when a person makes conscious choices about their appearance with this kind of result, then poking fun at her is hardly offensive or mean-spirited. For heavens sake, folks. It was a funny post! If you didn't find it funny, don't blame John for that.

I do have to say that it's a little sad to know that a few people complaining in comments might prompt you to remove a post, John. Something that has hundreds of people flaming each other in your comments, sure! But if the point is to make the majority of your readers laugh on any given day, I think you've done that here. :) But there's no pleasing some folks...

September 13, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterThe Wax Lion

Oh my. Ignore the mean-spirited ignorant whining from 'anonymous' who does not understand the basic facts of the case.

Continue on, Jen and John! You never fail to make me laugh :-D

September 13, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterThreeBeans

I will never have plastic surgery because I simply cannot spend that kind of money on my looks. I am not a beauty, nor am I vain. It's imcomprehensible to me that beautiful women (and some men, too) can spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on their appearance. I would rather just pay my bills and get some groceries.

September 13, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterLorraine

i actually thought of tammy faye baker, but i see jen's point.

i also agree that the flaming is inappropriate - if you don't like something, move on. let's at least try some civility for a change.

September 13, 2009 | Unregistered Commentermn_me

Ahh, the internet - people enjoy being insulted/outrages/preachy/you name it. I swear people go out of their way to find something to be offended about... @@

We shouldn't feed the trolls - they ALWAYS come back if you do! LOL!

September 13, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterDea

i see other people also noticed the labia. that was the only thing that bothered me about this wreckage.
great blog, jen & john. thanks for many, many laughs.

September 13, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterAnonymous

oh my goodness!

September 13, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterLucille Ball Jr.

This woman was in Escape from New York or one of those movies. She played the assistant to a Mad Plastic Surgeon, who was kidnapping people and making them all look like her. I can't believe that anyone would actually choose to look like that. I'd have to skip the cake as well.

September 13, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterBurton

This is not funny- just mean. It actually made me sad to see as I enjoy your sight a lot. It may be that she opens herself up to ridicule by posting her image on the web but it does not make it okay to ridicule her just for a few laughs -she is clearly a women with problems.
Sorry guys you blew it this time.
Janina Kropka

September 13, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterJanina Kropka

hahaha sooo funny and true!

September 13, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterKaitlin

Can't something be mean AND funny? When you knowingly seek to be counter-cultural in such a public way, you forfeit your rights to privacy and social niceties. Kinda like Clinton and his extramarital affairs.

September 13, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterUntamed Shrew

I thought you were talking about Donald Trump

September 13, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterAlessandra

Ohooooo, looks like I scared the perpetrator out.

Sorry Janina Kropka, so far you're alone in this one. Well, until you can prove those other anonymous comments aren't you. Have fun with that!

--Izzy (Or maybe all these comments are the unfortunate lady herself? Honey, there's a lot of other websites you should be visiting to stop the bullying; don't waste your breath here.)

(PS. if this cake post gets taken down, I swear, you two will have some explainin' to do!)

September 13, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterAnonymous

Honestly, she makes me want to vomit...

September 13, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterAnonymous

2 horrible 2 look at eeeek!

September 13, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterAnonymous

Yea Karla! Yea Cake Wrecks! Yea to this post! Yea John & Jen!

(boo to anonymous/trolls/no sense of humor)

September 13, 2009 | Unregistered Commenterloribo

I have to disagree w/ Anon., 9/12, 11:09.

I, too, have a MASSIVE problem with people poking fun of innocent bystanders on the internet (see my recent posts on that awful blog that does just this.)

BUT Joceyln Whatshername puts herself out there and *wants* to be photographed, put on Oprah/Dr. Phil/Whatever and she is, in whatever bizarre way, a "celebrity" so, sorry, she's fair game. And I didn't really see this post as mean-spirited making-fun.

And, no, I wouldn't eat that cake either. A little scary.

September 13, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterEtiquette Bitch

I know it might not be the most trustworthy place to get information, but according to this article ( ), dear Jocelyn decided to get her plastic surgeries because she thought her late husband was "losing interest" in her. Yes, she may have problems, but I think they go a lot deeper than worrying about what people will say about her face, considering she underwent at least 7 surgeries to make it look that way.

I'm sorry, but what was shown on CakeWrecks is not nearly the worst of what people have said about her, I'm sure. And they actually never "bullied" anyone, they merely pointed out the similarities between a cake and the cat lady herself.

I get so tired of people getting offended about each and every thing. If Jocelyn is offended, let her say it, and I'm sure John and Jen will take the post down. Until then, why don't the rest of you go find something else to be offended about. Don't like the color pink? Be sure not to visit my blog.

September 13, 2009 | Unregistered Commentersammik

LOL - at first i totally thought you were going to say the king of all cosmos from Katamari ... but nooo - you just had to find the most terrifying picture I've ever witnessed. That's the things nightmares are made of.

September 13, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterLauren

See, I just don't see her in that cake at all, mainly due to the chin. As terrifying as both the cake and the pictures are to look at, I just don't see the resemblance. Though it IS funny to me. I was thinking it was Peter from "Family Guy"

September 14, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterTrevor

Re: the Anon Brigade, many of whom seem to be in need of the waaah-mbulance: As one of my favorite Wikipedians once said (or at least appropriated for his user page): "the internets are populated by eggshells\armed with hammers". Of the complainants, the only one I can take seriously is the one who gave her name--so, props on having the guts, Janina, even though I'm gonna have to respectfully disagree with you. (Erm, keyword: "respectfully"? I was just holding forth on this the other night re: political discourse in the USA, but honestly it's applicable to almost ANY difference of opinion these days. Somehow the playground has taken over as the resource for behavioral guidelines...and frankly, I hated grade school for JUST that reason.)

September 14, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterGladys

Hi All,

I'm "anonymous" from September 12, 2009 11:08 AM and just wanted to clear things up regarding my post. I posted anonymously because at the time, Google wasn't letting me log in, and I wasn't familiar with the other choices for identifying myself. I was at work, in between tasks, and in that multi-tasking frame of mind, it just didn't occur to me to go back and write my name at the bottom. Sorry.

That was my only post; I am not the "anonymous" of any posts after the 11:08 one. I also was most definitely not calling for the removal of John's post. I'm all for free speech, even if that speech is upsetting or offensive to some people, and even if I'm the one who's offended.

Challenging the quality or motive of a person's speech is not the same as an attempt to silence that person. I think it's fair that I be allowed to voice my opinion (especially since my expression of said opinion included none of the name-calling or vituperative language that is, unfortunately, so common online), even if that opinion is negative or not shared by the majority of readers.

My opinions aren't necessarily set in stone, and I'm always up for polite debate, even on the internet.

September 14, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterCarrie

I thought this post was hilarious! I feel bad for the lady because she was doing all her surgeries out of love for her husband though those were some baaaaad decisions. But man, John I love your sense of humor and I really hope you don't take down this post, it's not fair to many of us that aren't so dang sensitive to everything.

September 14, 2009 | Unregistered Commenteralisaz

Carrie (aka anonymous)

Glad that you came back to defend yourself without getting all huffy puffy about it :) Kudos! Even though I disagree with your opinion, I can respect it.

As for the post, it made me laugh.

And I kinda can't help but wonder why people get offended... I mean, this blog was built on other peoples [cake] failures and making fun of them. It's okay to make fun of someone's lack of cake skills, but it's not okay to compare a cake to a person?

All I'm saying is, if someone is so easily offended, then maybe they shouldn't read this blog anymore.


September 14, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterRaShea Jenkins

I screamed out loud, and scared my children, who then came over to look, and said...
That is scary!!!!!!!!!

September 14, 2009 | Unregistered Commenterbuttercream

Before I scrolled down I was thinking Octo-mom with a mask...but I guess I was wrong.

September 14, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterAnonymous

@Ruth from PA: BRAVO! All this brings to mind the fable of The Man, The Boy and the Donkey.

Good read for those people who feel a blog or column or any such expression should always cater to your personal idea of what is "right."

September 14, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterNakia

Thank you all for this discussion,

I have been struggling with this since I wrote it because I knew some folks would be offended and because I knew that this was a departure from Jen's extremely kind sense of humor. It's hard for people to understand why we care so much about your opinions but we do. And it's hard when, in the back of your mind, you're always thinking about the 250,000 people who are going to read what you write.

I'm not going to take it down, but to those who didn't like it, please know that I considered it. Rest assured that in two days, it will have passed into Cakey lore anyway and you never have to look at it again.

Thanks again for being part of this community.


September 14, 2009 | Unregistered Commenterjohn (the hubby of Jen)

I just have to post another thought, though feel free not to add the comment if it seems to just add to unwanted drama.

I'm always amazed when it's not enough for someone to express their displeasure at a specific topic in a post, but have to turn it into a personal slam by saying things like the authors have been 'corrupted' by power and fame and implying they have become somehow lesser people. As Ruth said, I find that far more mean spirited and bullying than any satirical post.

I personally appreciate all the laughs Cake Wrecks, and while I may find some personally more humorous than others, I appreciate the time and effort put into each and every entry.

September 14, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterNakia

Hi Shea,

I think it's just a matter of personality--or more precisely, the various life experiences that factor into each of our personalities. I've never been offended by anything on Cake Wrecks before, but I can see how other people might be.

A while back there was a post about Christmas in the Netherlands that included photos of cakes made to resemble the racially caricatured "Black Pete". While I was horrified that these things had been intentionally brought into existence, I wasn't bothered by the fact that Jen had posted the photos. I thought that her commentary about the character, and about the cakes, provided the perfect counterbalance. But I wouldn't have been surprised if others had been offended, and I wouldn't have faulted them for having or sharing their feelings.

Now, I'm not saying that racism (or racial insensitivity or whatever you'd call it) is equivalent to celebrity-mocking, or plastic-surgery-mocking, or whatever; I'm just saying that different people take offense at different things. Maybe there are other people who really hate the poo cakes, or the pregnancy cakes, which are the other themes that come to mind as I try to imagine what someone else might take issue with. I would disagree with them, but, as you said, I would respect their opinion. I don't think that my dislike of this particular post makes me easily offended; it just means that I'm bothered by different things.

Personally, I feel a little bit better about John making fun of Jocelyn Wildenstein's face now that I know she apparently likes her face that way. I still don't really care for the post, because I feel sorry for the woman--misguided weirdo though she may be--and because in general I just don't like it when people make fun of the way another person looks. Chalk it up to childhood trauma or wherever else it may have come from, but that's just how things are for me.

Of course it's true that this blog is all about making fun. As I see it, the difference to me between this post and the rest is that in general, what's made fun of here are the things that people have done, not the way that people are. I realize that's a fine line to draw; for me it just happens to be drawn here.

I disagree with the idea that if one doesn't like something on this blog (or any other place), one should just stop coming here; it's an argument that shuts down discourse and doesn't allow for differences. I love this blog, and I expect that I'll continue to love it even though I really didn't like this one post. I think that as long as opinions are shared and exchanged in a non-confrontational, respectful way, people should feel welcome to "raise their hands"--so to speak--and say, "hey, I didn't like that, and here's why".

September 14, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterCarrie

Also, John -- I just wanted to say that I really appreciate the measured way that you've responded, and to re-state that I, at least, while I may not like the post, never expected you to take it down or even to consider taking it down.

September 14, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterCarrie

I'm obviously late to the debate post party. I was hiking and stuff so no internets. Not that I ever comment here, but I'm pretty sure I would have if I'd been available.

Everything I would say has been said in one way or another. My view is that the post was absolutely fine. If anyone complaining had actually enjoyed even one interview done by Jocylen Wildenstein, then they would have realized that she truly and honestly is happy to have the attention.

But enough of that. Beyond all this debate is the fact that I'm the ultimate winner because only *I* noticed the most obvious likeness: Spongebob episode "The Two Faces of Squidward"

The link is fair at best but it's the best I could do without wasting your time.

September 14, 2009 | Unregistered Commenteralarieloe

I thought it looked like Peter from Family Guy!!!

September 14, 2009 | Unregistered Commenterstephanie Rabin

I was actually thinking it looked kinda like Peter Gryphon...

September 15, 2009 | Unregistered Commenterakukoomori

What's mean about saying a cake resembles a celebrity? Seriously, it's a cake, and the cake does resemble Jocelyn Wildenstein, who most certainly likes her face and wants it to look like that (Google is your friend, look her up.)

Hell, she'd probably be delighted to be compared to a cake. She's been compared to far, far worse, and by bigger media outlets than this little blog!

I can just hear the schoolyard taunts that will be started by this post: "Nyah, nyah, you look like a ca-ake! You look like a ca-ake!" "Yo! Yo mama so sweet, people think she a cake! Yo!"

September 15, 2009 | Unregistered Commenterbonni

I don't know if any one said this, but it looks like Peter Griffin to me! Eegads! That woman should stay inside where no one can see her!

September 15, 2009 | Unregistered Commenteri take the cake

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