5 Cakes That Demand (And Defy?) Explanation

Ever stumble into a conversation that's both confusing and SUPER interesting?

Like once I was walking around the Magic Kingdom and overheard someone say, "The blood is how you know it's working." I sensibly kept right on walking, but you better believe I had some questions spring to mind.

Same thing with these cakes:


See, I have questions. 

Especially when the confusing statement in question is ON THE DISPLAY COOKIE:

Maybe it's just me, but if an eating establishment starts insinuating that my tongue and I may be parting ways soon, I don't really want to eat there anymore.

And who here hasn't spent way too much time trying to puzzle out an especially inscrutable message? 

Maybe you'll go home and start asking your SO for theories. Like what, exactly, is working when you see blood? And is that a number 19 on this cake?


I think I see an E! And an ampersand! BUT WHAT DOES IT MEEEEAN?

I also spent 30 seconds flipping this photo around to see if it made more sense upside down.

It doesn't.

But thankfully, at least most of the time, if you give it enough patience and puzzling, you'll eventually crack the code:

My research has shown that someone, somewhere, wants you to discuss something with whoever made this cake.

Do I amaze you? [tapping nose] See, that's just elementary, dear Watson.

Thanks to Abigail S., Megan B., Rachel S., Ray C., & Andy S. for clearing that up.


If you'd like a different sort of cake puzzle to solve, then here's a neat one:

Cake Brain Teaser Puzzle

It's a metal fidget puzzle that's just as hard to put back together as it is to take apart!


And from my other blog, Epbot: