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What's a Wreck?

A Cake Wreck is any cake that is unintentionally sad, silly, creepy, inappropriate - you name it. A Wreck is not necessarily a poorly-made cake; it's simply one I find funny, for any of a number of reasons. Anyone who has ever smeared frosting on a baked good has made a Wreck at one time or another, so I'm not here to vilify decorators: Cake Wrecks is just about finding the funny in unexpected, sugar-filled places.

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- Jen

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Sunday Sweets: A Dr. Seuss Celebration!

Yesterday was Dr. Seuss' birthday, which is the PERFECT excuse to round up more of my favorite Seussian Sweets! (WOOT!)

Most Seuss cakes tend to feature a certain cat in a certain hat, but after The Lorax hit theaters we got to see some fun new designs:

By Gabrielle of GoBoulay cakes


And check out the perfect Truffula Tree cupcakes Grabrielle made to go with it!

Look at the perfect twisty trunk! And that icing texture for the tree top? Brilliant.


And this Lorax is begging to come live with me, I just know it:

Sub'd by  Noemi R., made by Inticing Creations

Cute story: Noemi and her friends first brought out a decoy wreck to prank the birthday girl. Ha! So, Amy ended up with a wreck AND a Sweet? Dude, that's MY kind of prank!


It's not often that I praise the use of an airbrush on cake, you guys, so brace yourselves:

By Cut the Cake

Now THAT is some awesome airbrushing. There, I said it. It didn't even hurt! (Much.) And I love how the parents' names are listed as the authors! (Did I mention this is a baby shower cake? No? Oops. Um...This is a baby shower cake.)


What's that? You want a jaw-dropping mini diorama of perfectly iced cookies to go with that cake?

Well, gee, you don't ask for much, do you? [<--SARCASM]

Luckily I happen to have a little something here that fits the bill:

By Jen Whitlock of Posh Pastries

My jaw, it has dropped. The balloons! The elephant! The marshmallow packing peanuts!! What a clever twist on the cookie bouquet!

Well, I think it's high time for a certain cat's hat to make an appearance:

By Custom Cake Designs

I just noticed the cupcake is balancing on the fish's tail! Ha! Love it.

And now, two of everyone's favorite Things:

Wow, these guys break EVERYTHING - including the laws of gravity. [bah-dum-CHA!]

Let's take a closer look:

D'awwww, so sweet! And I'll never get tired of that Seussian line shading, like on the ladder and bow. It just makes the leap from 2D to 3D so beautifully.


Ever wonder what flavor of cake you'd use for green eggs and ham?

I have. I'm thinking pear cake with cinnamon buttercream -  but only because Noemi up there mentioned that's what her Lorax cake was, and now I reeeeally want to try it. I'd also like to take a huge chomp out of that fork handle, because it looks like a giant Tootsie Roll. And maybe I'm a little hungry. (WHAT.)

Hang on, we haven't actually seen The Cat in the Hat yet, have we?

No problem-o, I can fix that:

By Ashley Gay

 More perfect cookies! Lemme tell you guys, I could stare at cookies like this all day. The pillowy poofiness of that icing is just sooo cool - and I kind of want to pet it. Is that weird? Yes? Then I mean, uh, I want to LICK it. There. All better.

I was about to confess that I haven't seen or read The Lorax, but I think I can bluff my way through this next one Ok. Here goes...

By Three Little Blackbirds


My favorite parts are the little pulley and those shingles. They look kind of like caramels, right? MMMM.


I think we need some more colorful counting fish in here:

By Cakebox Special Occasion Cakes

This is such a great theme for a baby shower! And get this: those "ribbons" wrapping the cake are actually hand-crafted fondant and icing. WOW.


Oooh, and here come the Sneetches!

Topsy-turvy cakes were just MADE for Seuss themes. Also, "Fondant Flinger" is the name of my Cake cover band. (BWAHAHAAHA!!)(That was only funny to me, wasn't it?)

Well, let's wrap up this delightful romp with a Sweet combination of all of Dr. Seuss' most popular creations:

Submitted by Kel D., made by Delicious Desserts

 I even spy the Grinch in there!

Well, that's all for now, but if you want MORE ('cuz I know how insatiable you guys are) then you can see my previous Seuss Sweets here and here!

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Sunday Sweets: Fifty Cakes of Gray

And now, Sunday Sweets presents: Fifty Cakes of Gray.

By Yummy Cupcakes and Cakes

Just kidding! There are only twelve. But they are gray and sure to spank delight the senses.


Unless you've been living under a totally unfashionable rock, you are well aware that gray is one of the hottest trends in Trendville right now. Less harsh than black, more ketchup-friendly than white, it's everywhere in the worlds of fashion, saucy literature, and decor. And of course...

By Wild Orchid Bakery

...Cake! This one combines two hot and happening trends: gray and ombre. Plus polka-dots, which will never go out of style.


Let's hope gray doesn't, either, because pretty much my entire house is painted gray. Some people might think that sounds depressing, but just look at this cake:

By Charm City Cakes West  Inspired by Nevie-Pie Cakes

Depressing? I think not! Gray is the perfect backdrop for a pop of color, which I love, unlike the phrase "pop of color" which, ugh.


But don't worry, colorphobes, gray and white make a fine duo, too.

By Bee's Cake Design

Sophisticated, simple and sublime.


And just think how much detail would have been lost on this cake if it had been white instead of gray.

By Cotton and Crumbs

Would we have even noticed the lacy border? The delicate butterflies? Gray deserves an award for best supporting hue.


BUT! Gray ain't afraid to steal the spotlight.
"This girl belongs on a runway," was my first thought when I saw this cake.

By Karla

Then I learned that it was modeled after a Vera Wang gown, and I felt totally smart and stylish for a second. Then I looked down at my ensemble of mismatched sweats and slowly lowered my hands from their 'raise the roof' position.


But can I get a "holla" for these cakes?

By Erica OBrien

So sweet and modern at the same time. I just love gray and pink together, and that little cluster of roses in the center, too.


I'm also loving the color scheme on this cake. Freaking adorable. Seriously considering turning it into an accessory somehow.

By Bobbette and Belle

Cake hat? Cake purse? Cake belt buckle? I'll keep thinking.


And here's another one I just want to tear apart and wear!

By Three Little Blackbirds Cakes

Once again, gray adds texture and interest while letting the color shine. Gray: the nicest of neutrals.
That should be its official motto.


But why am I trying to convert you to the Church of Gray? You're probably already a card carrying member.

By Sugar Couture

And if you weren't before, you are now, because WOWZERS. And the little touches of metallics? Swoonballoons.


There is so much awesome happening on this cake, but I think the gray tier is still my favorite.

By Gateaux Inc.

I mean, it even matches the reception hall! 


And here's one last gray-hued beauty for our grand finale:

By Over the Top Cakes

Isn't it great how all the ribbon and fabric look like actual ribbon and fabric? Just amazing.

I sure hope you enjoyed today's presentation of Fifty Twelve Cakes of Gray.

Annnnd... scene!

Fade to black.


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