Bear Necessities

Today we celebrate... teddy bears.

But not like that.



After all, who here didn't have a comforting...




...and completely non-creepy bear to snuggle as a kid?




Teddy bears are all about childhood innocence and fun.

So hey, this seems appropriate:


(Before you jump to conclusions, I see nothing dirty here.)

(Unless you consider a rocket-jet of explosive diarrhea "dirty.")


So here's to you, Teddy, with your weird badonk-a-donk:


And your crazy panda/mouse ears:



And those lumps no one wants to talk about:


Now, for old time's sake, let's have one more Story Time with Teddy!

Ahem hem hem.


"Ultimately Maude and Ginger decided to just finish their picnic."


"There was plenty of time to call the coroner later."

Happy National Teddy Bear Day, e'rebody!


Thanks to Currie M., Paul N., David G., Jessica N., Kimberly C., B.D., Donna R., Faith T., & Erin M. for the sudden dead end.


I was going to link something creepy and ridiculous, but I got distracted by how INSANELY CUTE this teddy bear is:

Gund Toothpick Teddy Bear


And from my other blog, Epbot:

Sunday Sweets is SICK

Hi, everyone! Sharyn here.

Jen and John were off at Dragon Con last weekend, so since they figured they'd be down with Con Crud all week, they asked if I'd write Sweets for today.

"Con Crud," as you may know, is a cold/flu/post-apocalyptic mutating pathogen malaise thing
that stalks and strikes down as many convention revelers as it can. 

Scientists have recently isolated the cause of Con Crud:

(By Allison Reed Fine Cakes, United Kingdom)

 These guys.

Here's another view:

(Allison Reed Fine Cakes, United Kingdom)

Watch out for that green guy in the middle. He's... persistent.

Let's gather up some useful items to help all our cruddy buddies out there.

First they're going to need lots of Kleenex.


(Diane Wilks, featured here)

I tried to find the really soft stuff.

Some supplies from the drugstore would probably be a good idea.

(Clever Cupcakes, Canada, permanently closed)

Surely these will provide them some sweet relief. 

Should we make some chicken soup?


(Lalla's Cake, Italy)

Oh my gosh, you look positively FOWL! Go back to bed!


Tomato Soup it is!

(Cake by Annie, Canada)

I bet some toast would go well with that. Let me find the toaster.


(Cakes with Character by Jean, New York)

That'll definitely cheer them up.

Now, they'll need some tea to wash that down. Let's see...
(searches cupboards)

This'll do!


(Yum Yum Cupcakes, United Kingdom)

Tea just tastes better from a pretty cup, doesn't it?

OK, we still need a comfy quilt or two to keep them warm. 


(Queen of Hearts Couture Cakes, United Kingdom)

Found a stack! (Get it?)

Right, I think we're all set.

Now, John and Jen, I know you said you're not sick, but still. Gather up the cats...

(El Zurron de los Postres, Spain)

(Hi, Suki & Eva!)

... then grab the remote, and relax for a bit.


(Melanie Judge, Florida)

And for the rest of you: May your Sunday be Sweet, and may you never face...
 ...the Wrath of Con!

(I waited the entire post to make that joke. It was worth it.)


For the sick person who has everything else in this post:

Heart Warming Giant Microbes!


And from my other blog, Epbot: