Listen! Do You Smell That?

Yesterday I read an article about "swallowable perfume," a new form of perfume that comes in capsules. That you swallow. Ergo, "swallowable perfume."

Look, I couldn't make this stuff up, guys.

Anyway, it got me to thinking: how long before this is incorporated into food? You know, like cake? And what would an ingestible perfume cake look like, anyway? Would decorators try to reflect the scent in the cake's design?

These are all important questions, which I think deserve answers. You know, for science. And laughs. But mostly science.

So, as a public service, here are a few suggestions for some classic perfume scents:



This would have to be a revamped formula, of course, with top notes of blood, wet dog, and a little patchouli.



Lucky for me, I've developed an immunity to iocane powder.


I'm sure you've heard of Chanel #5, but here's one for its lesser-known predecessor, Chanel #2:

Q: Why did Tigger have his head in the river?

A: He was looking for Pooh! Because Poo smells grrrrreat!


White Shoulders


I bet you never realized how weird that perfume name was until right now.



Something here doesn't add up.



Even the balloons are defying the laws of gravity!


Lucky You


Say, here's a tip:





Ah. Never mind; false alarm.



Thanks to Sarah P., Crazy Z., Michelle S., Caren, Celeste G., Amy C., & Colleen W. Smell you later, guys!