Sunday Sweets: Winter Wonders

This week John and I have been visiting the frigid tundra of the frozen north: Williamsburg, Virginia. At one point it even dipped down to 39 degrees, so I think you'll agree we've endured what no human being should ever be subjected to.

So, in the spirit of my freezing Floridian tootsies, allow me to present some incredible icy Sweets for your New Year's Day:

By Mad Baker

We didn't see any snow this week - obviously it was just too cold - but even if we had I doubt it would've looked this delicious.


Check out the rock sugar border on this wintry beauty:

By Varrvarra

It's like an icy blast of GORGEOUS. Love it.


Speaking of gorgeous, ever heard of cake jewelry?

Well, me neither.

But that's what I've decided to call these dangling crystal whirly bits:

By Elegant Treats

I'm also digging the frosted texture and spiky top tier.


Okey dokey, time for a cute fix:

By Highland Bakery



Now all we need are some cute polar bears and maybe a walrus and an adorable little Eskimo or two.

Submitted by Sabrina K., made by her mom Anneke of Het Bonte Taartje

I never thought a fish skeleton could be cute. And that submerged bear on the bottom? Genius.


From the icy poles to an icy palace:

By Pipedreams

So sweet!


 Now, this next one *does* have Christmas lights on it...

By Andrea's SweetCakes

...but in my defense, we leave our trees up 'til after New Year's anyway. And it's awesome. 


Here's what I look like when it's below 60 degrees:

By Donna Makes Cakes


Note from john- It's 12:36 am on New Year's Day and Jen just fell asleep while writing this post. It's adorable, really. We spent all day with family at Busch Gardens and she's all tuckered out. But, there are only two cakes left so if it's okay with y'all, I'll finish up.



Look! A dinosaur! In earmuffs!

By Tim G. of Amanda Oakleaf Cakes


See what I did there? It's like a pun! 
This writing stuff is easy...


And so, in conclusion:

By Brooklyn Cake

Glittery cardinals = Awesome.

I think we can all see why Jen does the writing. :)

Well, that's it for me. Just one more thing...
[kissing Jen on the forehead and whispering]
Happy New Year, baby.

And to the rest of you: have a fantastic New Year, and Wreck On!


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