I Can Call You Boobie...

It's Celebrate Your Name Week, my friends, so I have an extra special gift for a bunch of you with common American names: the gift... of new nicknames.


Bobbie knows what I'm talking 'bout, don't ya, hon'?

Yes, yes she does.


So let's get to it - and fingers crossed you find your name in here!

This one works for Bob *or* Deb. A twofer!


Tiffany, your new nickname just entails everyone using finger quotes when addressing you:

You're "welcome."


This one was almost my favorite - but then I found this:

And while you're at it, bring me some Twix bars. Chop chop!


And you thought three letter names would be safe.


I think this one must be intentional, but it still made me bust a gut:

"I have been, and shall always be, your... wait, who are you?"


Thanks to Ashleigh P., Catherine S., Chelsea P., Chelsea N., Allegra S., Anna, Katie, Dawn L., Hannah W., & Jennifer H. for the great name maim game.

Didn't see your name butchered here? Well, never fear, dear Wreckies; I have so many name wrecks to share I had to split them into two posts - so watch for the second batch later this week!


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