Spelling Bee Hard

Welcome, everyone, to the 2014 Bakers' Spelling Bee!

Contestants, your first word is "Congratulations."

Let's begin.

I'm sorry, but that's incorrect.


So is that.


I'm afraid I can't read that, but it's definitely still wrong.





Did you seriously just start with an E?


Corgat? CORGAT??


Look, bakers, this isn't that hard; just sound it out! C'mon, we'll do it together: "CON-graaa..."

[bonking head on podium]


Ok, bakers, to save on time let's skip right to our lightning round. First one to correctly spell "Congratulations Graduates" wins!



I give up.



And look, we're out of time anyway! Well, thanks to those of you at home for tuning in, and to all our equally inept contestants, who've managed to set a new 2014 Speiiing Bee record!

[whispering off camera] Hang on, "Speiiing Bee"? Who wrote these cue cards?


Never mind.


Thanks to Sarah B., Katy B., Darcy, Michelle P., Rachel W., Shawn M., Ken & Jen, Jeffrey M., Yvette A., Susan H., & Stacy P. for spelling that out for us.


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