Yes, Bakers, You CAN Be Creepy!!

Here's something I never understand: every Halloween, the one time when bakeries are SUPPOSED to make scary and/or disturbing cakes, suddenly THIS is their idea of creepy:

Whoa. Hide your kids.


Meanwhile, every OTHER time of the year, bakeries are doing this:


And this:


And this:

(PLEASE tell me there are some Supernatural fans out there seeing what I'm seeing.)


Then there's Christmas:


And Easter:


And the Fourth of July:


And Easter:


And Valentine's Day:


And also Easter...

Seriously. What is it with Easter?!


Look, bakers, clearly you have the ability to make cakes creepy; the trick is to just not aim for it.

That's right: stop trying to scare us altogether.

And instead, just make us a niiiice clown cake.



Thanks to Sarah A., Hayley H., Katherine M., Jo D., Korrie G., Jenn B., Elizabeth M., Jessica M., Abbey M., Nell H., & Erin R. for scaring John so much he refuses to look at that photo again.


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