Sunday Sweets Is ON FIRE

When you live in the Sunshine State people tend to think of that in a positive sense, like it's all soft sunny days and rainbows down here.


(La Docica Doces, Brazil)

If I could live in a cake, this would be the one!

However, as we Floridians continue sweating through our 5th month of summer, I thought I'd find some Sweet examples of what it's REALLY like to live here:


(Gina Molyneux)

THIS. Only with less guitars.

Besides, I'm also fascinated by all the cool ways (pun intended) bakers make sugar look like fire!

(Baker unknown - help?)

In this context, Florida weather is the bonfire, and we Floridians are the marshmallows. 

Which is doubly appropriate, since I'm about as pale as an untoasted marshmallow. :P

(Hang on, I just realized those "bricks" are made of cut-up Snickers & Milky Way bars. SWEET STAY PUFT. I need a campfire cake, stat!)

Check out these flames made of sugar glass:


(Delectable Cakes, no longer open)

 They're even cooler on the back!


Ahhh-MAZING. And actually inspired by Katniss' dress in Hunger Games, but either way, completely stunning.

Here's some Fire and Ice for you Game of Thrones fans;


(By Reddit user HermioneJeanGranger7)

I'm guessing the flames are modeling chocolate, but I have no idea how they're so perfect. Dang.

Next a dragon for everyone else, because let's face it, everybody loves dragons:


(Sweet Spoilers, Australia)

Especially dragons that defy gravity, shoot flames, and presumably taste delicious.

This campfire cake is one of those simple-but-brilliant designs that make me think, hey, maybe I could do that!


(By Pinterest User Ricae Fleck)

(And lemme tell ya, it is SUPER confusing when bakers upload their cakes directly to Pinterest. Please, stop doing that.)

See the candles in the campfire? That. Is. BRILLIANT!

Plus this is the best use of candy rocks, crushed Teddy Bear cookies, and graham crackers. I think Ricae is a hobby baker, but this looks professionally made! I'm just completely smitten, you guys.

Here come some beautiful abstract "flames" for a firefighter's wedding cake:

(Photos by Soul Echo Studios, but no baker is listed. Anyone know?)

Isn't that lovely? I like the overlapping colors - and of course the little ladders up the side are too cute, ermergosh. (Then they cut it with a mini fireman's ax! Hee!)

I'll admit, this next fireman's cake DOES remind me of a certain wreck that still makes me laugh nearly a decade later. BUT IN A TOTALLY SWEET WAY:


(Peace, Love, Sugar, California)
(More cute
party pics here!)

Isn't it adorable? And make you want to wish someone good luck in China?

And finally, one more abstract fire and ice beauty that brings the best of both worlds:


(Kidacity, Australia)

So gorgeous, I almost forgot it's 93 degrees and raining outside. (hahahaaa SOB)

Stay cool out there, my friends! Happy Sunday!


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