10 Dragon Sweets For Everyone Missing Game Of Thrones

Friends, I know nothing about Game of Thrones, but this past week I've watched social media erupt with mourning, wailing, and irritated gnashing of teeth over the show's final episode.

Now, I don't know what most fans' problems are with the finale per se, but I can already guess:

Not enough dragons.

(Clockwork Cakes, Massachusetts)

I mean sure, I know the show has SOME dragons, but judging by this cake they're all the angry, bite-y types.


Hear me out here, GoT fans: have you considered... dragons with donuts?

(Wendy's Taarten, Holland)

Dragons with donuts are 1000% less likely to cause angry fans.


Or how about a floating "blep" baby?


(Magda's Cakes, UK)

Dragon: ::blep::

Me: ::ded::


Maybe those are too cute for you hardened GoTers, though.

[shouting]: BRING IN THE BAD GUYS!

(Cake Lava, Nevada)


Eh? EH?


(Immaculate Confections, UK)

OK, I'll grant you, Smaug has never looked less villainous... or more adorable. That face! 

Clearly I'm not good at finding angry evil dragons.

So let's go back to the cute ones.


(Pavlo Dortiky, Prague)

I love these colors!


You know the only thing better than having a dragon on your wedding cake?

Having TWO dragons on your wedding cake:

(Cakes Decor member Blacksun)

Their tails form a heart! STAHP IT. Too sweet.


Here's the most famous black-and-white dragon duo:


(Zoe's Fancy Cakes, UK - Video tutorial here)

Those eyes are mesmerizing. WOW.


Any Spirited Away fans here? Because this Haku make my jaw drop. Even after I verified it's actually edible, my brain refuses to accept it:


(Lovin From The Oven, Ireland)

How? How?!

I would love to have a sculpt like this on display - I can't even imagine taking a knife to this masterpiece.


And finally, I get to end with something extra special this week.

Over the years I've featured a lot of Mike's Amazing Cakes, but I never talk to the bakers I include here, so  most of the time I doubt they even realize I've featured their work.

Imagine my delight, then, when I got a lovely e-mail from Mike's manager thanking me for all my features, and - even better - containing a first look at one of Mike's latest creations that made his crew think of me. This hasn't been posted anywhere online yet, so I'm delighted to debut Mike's cake mashup of two of my personal favorite things: Figment... and The Umbrella Academy.



(Mike's Amazing Cakes, Washington)

It's so beautiful. I love that Figment is number 8! His special power is imagination, of course.

(John and I made our own Figment - a prop, not a cake! - a few years ago, so this little purple dragon has a big place in our hearts. I love that people think of us now when they see him.)

Thanks for this special sneak peek, Mike!

And for the rest of you: Mike's teaching a cake sculpting class in November! E-mail him for more info if you want to go.

Happy Sunday, everyone! I hope these made you smile, and you have an extra Sweet day.


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