Minor Wreck-nicalities

 Jennifer asked for chocolate covered strawberries on her son's cake. 

I guess she TECHNICALLY got them?

Or maybe it's too soon to tell.  

Somebody go poke one.

Then Claudia asked for a Dallas Cowboys star on her son's cake, and... well...


 ... it IS a star.


And finally, Merry was throwing herself a 70s themed birthday party, and asked the bakery to decorate her cake accordingly: peace signs, flowers, etc.

She also asked them to draw her on the cake with a big, 70s style black afro - since that's how she planned to wear her hair at the party. (She ordered the cake in person, not over the phone.)

Now, technically, Merry DID get a woman with an afro on her cake.

But... well... just look:

... and with blue eyes, no less. Sweet Stay Puft.

(Merry is black, y'all.)

(It's weird I have to clarify that.)

(But clearly necessary. :D)
When Merry went to pick up her cake, she took one look and blurted out, "She's white!" 

To which the puzzled baker responded, "Oh, was she not supposed to be?"


(Sorry, I just really wanted to use a .gif from That 70s Show. Bahaha!)

Thanks to Jennifer A., Claudia, & Merry W. for reminding us to judge people not by the color of their cakes, but by the content of their wreckporting. A++, all of you!


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