The Beefy Toad

Does your frog need to jog? Does your newt need some gluts? Is your salamander... getting fat? Then hop them over to the Beefy Toad Gym, and take a leap into fitness!


Here at the Beefy Toad, we host extensive aerobics classes to keep those frog legs moving... matter how many there are.

Your toad will be dizzy with excitement over our top-of-the-line equipment.



He'll really dig'em.

The Beefy Toad offers personal trainers, too, so you're sure to get the most groans for your greenbacks!



"Ok! So! [clapping] We focus the first six months on arms, then we move on to legs!!"



Plus we serve premium low-calorie insects, worms, and snails at our snack bar!



"Wait. There's gym equipment here, too?"



At the Beefy Toad Gym, we'll turn your puny pet...

...into a fabulously fit amphibian!

All in just a few short weeks!
So hop your frog on over to our pad, before he croaks. Better hurry; time flies!



Hey, Keith R., Jacquie G., Meredith, Terri C., Marisa H., and Emily H., if you tell them Jeremiah sent you, you get your first visit free!




Congrats to our final give-away winners, carandavis, musikartlvr, Canadian Emily and ::miss m::, and also our Facebook winners, Alissa Kuizinas Carscallen & JayJay Stroup! Please e-mail us your mailing addresses, guys.


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This concludes my bi-annual bout of shameless self-promotion. My publisher and I thank you for your support. ;)