No No, Thank YOU, Canada

Today may be Columbus Day here in the U.S., but it's also Canadian Thanksgiving, so....



I kid, I kid.

After all, there's so much more to Canada's day of thanks than just drippy poo wangs.

There are also HUUUGE... tracts of pumpkins.


And Turkey Castles!



And... dead... scarecrows?


Whoa. Little dark, there, Canada.


Anyway, I just wanted to say how thankful *I* am for you, Canada, with your sweet people, your incredibly tolerant and forgiving sense of humor, and, of course, that adorable Canadian accent:


Now go gooble 'til ya wooble, you crazy kids.


Thanks to Steve G., Courtney W., Katheleine G., Michelle D., & Kyle S. who all hope Facebook doesn’t ban this one, too. O.o


And if you’ve ever wanted a Thanksgiving shirt with the Friends Turkey on it, well, I’ve got you covered.

Thanksgiving T-shirt


And from my other blog, Epbot:

I'm Bringing Skeksis Back: 10 Dark Crystal Sweets!

I just watched the making-of special for the new Dark Crystal series last night, so you know what that means!


 (Black Cherry Cake Co, England)

We're bringing Skeksis back.



The details on this beauty by Black Cherry blow my mind. Look at that airbrushed sky! The waterfall, the orrery, and all the hand-sculpted figures! WOW.

Granted, no mere mortal could ever make that... but I'd be willing to take a crack at these crystal cookies:

(Sweethart Baking Experiment, Youtube tutorial here)

So pretty, plus there's a whole tutorial to show us how!

When you really want the Chamberlain's head on a platter:

(Heartache Cakes, England)

Hate that guy. But this cake is amazing.

This Fizzgig cake is demonstrating the proper technique for eating it:

(Coran Cake Decorating, Australia)


(I love all the teeth!)

Here comes another jaw-dropper:

(Monkey & Me Sweets, Pennsylvania)

How? HOW?! The Skeksis castle has never looked better - if it wasn't on a cake board you'd swear it was a resin model.

And this could be a scene inside:

 (Artisan Petal Designs, California)

I can't be certain, but I *think* the Skeksis are hand-sculpted sugarpaste. (If so, then WOWIE.) Either way, the finishing and aging on all those details and stonework is phenomenal.

 This is my favorite Skeksis of the bunch; I love the art style!

(Baker unknown. Help?)

Even the writing matches the art style, and the glittery crystal shards around the base are a great touch.

 Here's a first for Sweets: believe it or not, this is a PIE.

 (ThePieous, online courses only)

Whaaaaaaat. Incredible! And the way the window in the back reveals the cherry filling underneath is as genius as it is creepy. Bravo. 

I was super chuffed to find a cake specific to the new show, Age of Resistance!

Screen Shot 2019-10-13 at 5.00.19 PM.jpg

(Sarah And Squirrel)

I love the pink tree with Deet underneath, and the little Podling Hup at the base!

And finally, one more Skeksis you won't believe is cake, so you'll just have to trust me:


(Karen Portaleo, Georgia)


The second I saw it I knew it was Karen's work. She is the absolute master at sculptural cakes like this.


To quote the Chamberlain, "MmmMMMMMmmmmmm."

Happy Sunday, everyone! I hope your day is extra Sweet and crystal clear.


Did you know there's a Dark Crystal Little Golden Book?!

The Dark Crystal Golden Book

For only $5, I'm tempted to get it for me!


And from my other blog, Epbot: