Some Days You Finish The Banana...

I know it's a little late to be celebrating Fall foliage, but I'm just loving these tree branches:

Ahhh, the majesty of nature.


In other news, this bed looks like Cookie Monster:



And this is a great way to start a fight:

("What's THAT supposed to mean?!")


Some days you finish the banana, and some days, the banana finishes you.

Guess the baker had to split.


I actually have an aunt Mary (HI AUNT MARY), so from now on when I think of her, I'll think of this:

Only one word right out of four? Uncle!


And finally, when you just can't help hoping it's a birthday cake for someone born in 1976:

[wicked grin]


Thanks to Laura, Carol Q., Bekki W., Sandi K., Raymond M., & Judi F. for sowing the seeds of laughter.


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