The Dog Days of "Bummer"

Tomorrow is National Dog Day! Quick! Make a cake effigy of your favorite pooch and slit its throat!

See, NOW it's a party.

(Also, I just realized "your favorite pooch" could have gone a very different direction. So you're welcome.)


As an unabashed cat person (CATS RULE, DOGS SNIFF YOUR CROTCH), I must admit to the occasional evil snicker over stuff like this:



Perhaps even be a bit of a chortle:



Or the teensiest, tiniest, guffaw:



And since I showed you a cat autopsy cake last week, this seems only fair:

I'm guessing the customer specified NO NUTS.




So, in conclusion:

Happy Dog Day, e'erbody!


Thanks to Andrea W., Meredith H., Annabel J., April A., Emily Z., & Krysmon for the doggone treasures.


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