Friday Favs 08/26/16

Some of my favorite new submissions this week:


We bid farewell to the Olympics this week, but thankfully, this baker will always carry the... uh...

...flaming poo wang.


Birthday girl Jenna Claire is allergic to tree nuts. Unfortunately, this means she had to share her cake with "Trez Hats".

(If you think that handwriting is bad, imagine what the order form looked like.)


And for little Ava's birthday, her folks splurged and got her the lovechild of Satan and Minnie Mouse:

[chipmunk voice] "RED RUM RED RUMMMM..."


This was on the side of a wedding cake, so....

...looks like someone DID believe it's not butter.


And finally, the best cookie cake mic drop ever:



Thanks to Ryan U., Kaleigh E., KT, LJ, & Aleisha C. for the fond farewell.


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