Friday Favs 7/1/16

Some of my favorite new submissions this week.


Hey bakers, you know how you all get together in shadowy back rooms and debate which new frosted horrors to unleash on your unsuspecting customers?

Well, never thought I'd say this, but you've finally outdone yourselves.


Blue Cake Tacos.



That's like a whole new breed of wrong. Srsly. I'm talking "because 'MURICA" wrong. I'm talking BK's deep fried Cheetos-crusted Mac n' Cheese sticks wrong. Which, as we all know, is so wrong it's almost right. (But still so, so wrong.)



Just to avoid any confusion, minions, you might attach a photo of the cake you want to your bakery order, and then be VERY clear that *your* cake should be identical to the cake shown.

Of course, if you do that, then you also might get this.

Technically, that IS "identical to the cake shown."


When your grill cake looks better upside down:

See? MUCH better as a bug-eyed monster.


Possibly the most hysterical label BOOPSIE I've seen yet:

If only all SHT MARBLE cakes had "quick responsive handling," am I right? Though not too sure about the Wet Traction part. o.0


Psst. Don't look now, but I think little Reid's cake is having, shall we say, dark thoughts:

Sorry, kids, I *would* cut the cake, but Murder Monkey just whispered something about "red rum" and now we're all having salad instead.


Hey, you know how people say, "You're a peach!" when they really mean,"You're a butt-faced cretin and I hate you"?


Best served under a full moon.

But(t) before you poo-poo my jokes, I promise that crack was completely tongue-in-cheek.


Thanks to Sarah E., Alanna B., Ivy W., Melissa K., Sara W., & Vicki S. for keeping the Fern Gully cracks on the DL.


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