Friday Favs 1/8/16

A few of my favorite new submissions this week.


How To Get Proper Credit At The Potluck:

Next time I'm totally spelling my name in deviled eggs.



Is it too late for Christmas cakes? Yes.

Is it too late for the world's most legitimately horrifying Christmas wreck?

Well, you decide:


No, you guys are right: it's definitely too late for him.




Here's one way to decrease your chance of getting a wreck:

With instructions and drawings this clear, what could go wrong?

Ahh, allow me to answer that question with another question:

Did you know the letters "NHS" look exactly the same upside down?




Considering what a smash hit the new Star Wars movie is, you can bet your sugar-lickin' mixer thingies there are new Force Awakens cake kits!

Drum roll, please.

[insert drum roll here]

That's it? That's IT? THAT'S it?

What is that even supposed to be? I feel like the orange airbrushy stuff is trying to communicate, but sadly I don't speak Bocce Pictionary. And the brown dot? What is with the brown dot?

Well, I'll give them this: at least Rey has her own piece.




And now,

The Weirdest Display Cake Of All Time:

Ok, sure, there's a floating fetus. Let's drink that in. But also, how about those hairy bamboo shoot things? And the spider fingers up top? This whole thing is basically Coraline: The Prenatal Years.

(BONUS CREEPINESS: look for the face in the glass. Or don't, if you ever want to sleep again.)


Thanks to Susan S., Stacie, Lisa R., Christy L., & Cathy G., who's just happy that last one doesn't have jam-covered lady bits. We're with you there, Cathy.


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