Friday Favs 9/16/16

Some of my favorite new submissions this week.


You know the problem with grapes? They're just so... grapey.

MUCH better.

(Yes, I know that's not cake. But funny grape signs ARE MY JAM.)


When possible, it's always nice to work in a good "f you" to a congratulatory cake:

Really keeps 'em guessing.


When Bakers Forget How Watermelons Work:

AKA, the "have you had your coffee yet?" test.

(How long did it take you? Be honest, now.)


I think everyone's officially back to school now, and lemme tell ya:

It wasn't a moment too soon.


And finally, since Rey had her moment in the spotlight earlier this week, let's turn to the oh-so-adorable BB-8.

THIS is the droid CW reader Low was looking for.


But sadly - and rather ironically - what Low got ended up reaching a new low. So, so, SOLO.


They see me rollin', they BB-h8tin'.


Thanks to Norma Jean, Tania L., Jennifer C., Peter D., & Low T. for recommending that documentary on how the Death Star was built. It was riveting.


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