Friday Favs 9/23/16

Some of my favorite new submissions this week:


It was Talk Like A Pirate Day this week, but I think this bakery could have used less talking and more map-drawing:

When in doubt, add more arrows.


Julie asked for "boyish colors and decorations."

So you saw it here first, folks: Clown poop is officially "boyish."
And a "decoration."


Every time I complain about an insane icing-to-cake ratio, the pro-icing peeps come out of the woodwork, exclaiming that no amount of icing is TOO much icing.

Aiiight, you pro-icing-ers, consider this the gauntlet being thrown:

Is THIS enough icing for ya?


Kasey asked for a cake that said "Happy Birthday," and then in parentheses, "Mulan was here."

You'd think the parentheses curve-ball would trip them up, but no, that was the one thing they really nailed:

There's just nothing in it.


They say it's officially Fall.
I don't believe it.
They say Pumpkin Spice makes everything better.
I don't believe it.
They say this is a pumpkin:

[head tilt]

Eh, seems about right.


Thanks to S.E., Julie A., Kristina J., Kasey R., & Sarah C. for agreeing with me that Pumpkin Spice Oreos is the line, and that line HAS BEEN CROSSED TOO FAR.


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