Friday Favs 10/23/15

Some of my favorite submissions this week:


Did any of you celebrate Bosses Day last week?

How about Boner Day?

[insert obligatory 'head of the company' joke here]

Granted, some of us celebrate Boner Day every day, AMIRITE?

HEYOOOOOOOOoh stop looking at me like that, John.


It's been one year since Kate's heart surgery, so her family got a cake to celebrate.

The good news?
The baker really nailed, "Heartaversary."
The bad?
Now Kate knows how her family really feels.

To be fair, I love cake more than I love people, too.

I mean, think about it:

People taste terrible.


The bakery claimed these were ghosts:

So bakers, I'm going to claim this tissue is a twenty dollar bill.

We good?


Now, don't worry, my dear wreckies; this is NOT a baby butt cake.


It's a baby contortionist wearing a Space Balls helmet.


(Admit it: you just tried to visualize that. MY MIND-CONTROL POWERS ARE GROWING!

(Now bring me a whoopie pie!)


And finally, while I still say anyone who orders a headless "Mom" body for a baby shower cake deserves all the lumpy cake boobage they get, I GUESS I can see where Angel MIGHT be upset on this one.

She asked for this in pink:



And got this:

Take a moment. Soak it alllll in.

It was hard to narrow down, but I think my favorite favorite part is the baby rattle pasties. They just scream "sexyAAAAAUUUGGHH!!" you know?


Thanks to Cori D., Anna E., Jessica P., Anony M., & Angel A. for reminding us that eating people is still a bad idea, so stop it, all of you.


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