Sunday Sweets and Halloween Treats!

Halloween is next weekend! Quick!


(By Perfect Indulgence Cakes)

Well, that's a wrap.


Or perhaps you prefer a slightly spookier Sweet:

(By Queens of Sweet)

Quoth the raven: "Ok, but just one more slice."


Some witchy silhouettes and a fantastic use of tissue paper "flames":

(By Nikkiberry)


And this chocolate sculpt is fiendishly good:

(By Yener's Way)

See the pirate ship and dock at the base?


I must admit, my favorite witches are the ones playing Leap Frog, not making them:

(By Michela Barocci)

Because look how cute.


Still, I realize some of you like a good scare - so this one's for you:

(By Christine H. McConnell)

And now none of us will ever look at chocolate-covered strawberries the same. [shudder]


This one has a little something for all of you scary movie fans:

(Baker Unknown. Anyone recognize it?)

You guys, that is a wedding cake. And even though I'm a huge wuss when it comes to scary stuff, that bride and groom Alien topper is making my whole afternoon.


There may be other haunted houses, but for us Disney fans, there is only one Haunted Mansion:

(By Walt Disney World resort bakers, featured here)


This is another wedding cake! Check out the bride and groom in the Doom Buggy:

Love the stretching portraits, too.


Behold, Franken-Minion!

(By Baked By Dan)

The combed down hair is the BEST.


And finally, a pony-licious Halloween treat for my fellow Bronies and Pegasisters:

(By Sugar Spooks)

Oh man, crazy-eyed zombie Pinkie-Pie?! Ha! Plus Flutter Bat, Punk Rarity, Franken-AppleJack, Mummy Twilight, and Rainbow Dash's skeleton? THIS IS EPIC.


Here's hoping your Halloween is just as Sweet!


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