Sunday Sweets: Spooky Elegant Halloween Cakes

It's the most wonderful time of the year, cake lovers: that blessedly spooky season when we can shop for Halloween and Christmas decorations all at the same time.

I'm getting ahead of myself, though; we still have a few days before Halloween, which means it's time to glam it up with spooky sweet wedding cakes, like this gorgeous Gothic number:

[By ArchiCAKEture in Bulgaria]

Look closely; two of those "rubies" are really a vampire love bite!


Or, if you prefer a partner who keeps you in stitches:

(By Cakes By Summer in Texas)

Loving that black-and-white gradient with the little red hearts. So classic and monstrously sweet.


I don't think this next one's a wedding cake, but wouldn't it be cool if it were?

(By Sweet Art Cakes in California)

After all nothing says "welcome home, newlyweds" like a happy little haunted house.


Or should I say, "Haunted Mansion?"

(By Jam Cakes in the UK)

Yep, I spy the iconic HM wallpaper in there! Great skull cameos on the swags, too, though I can't help wishing the toppers were the Bride & Groom from the ride.


Aha, but here comes the next best thing: skeletal Marie Antoinette style bride!

[By Monika Arispe in the UK]

And I think she may be floating?! Awwwwesome.


Another non-wedding cake that COULD be a wedding cake if the couple is stylin' enough:

(By Karen Dodenbier, hobby baker in the Netherlands)

Poppies! Aww, I love poppies. And look at the spiderwebs!


This lovely is from a Maleficent themed wedding shoot:

(By Sweet Tooth Confections in CA, featured here)

That dark forest vibe is gorgeous!


Here come a couple of love birds:

(By Zoe Byres in Australia)

And they're nestled inside a carved tree trunk of cake!
Such a clever design, it's like a cake shadowbox.


I'll admit it would take a very unique and/or brave bride to choose a Black Widow spider cake for her wedding cake, but HEAR ME OUT:

(By Carolinchens Zuckerwelt in Germany)

See? That could be the groom on the side! :D :D :D


Or you could go with something dark and dreamy:

(By Sweet And Swanky Cakes in Oregon)

I love the reflective gold accents - and that lace! Wowza.


And finally, a half-floating Gothic tower that manages to look surreal and romantic all at the same time:

(By Kek Couture in Turkey)

Jaw: dropped. The more I look, the more I see to love: the hidden damask pattern, the velvety green ombre, and that intricate lace-wrapped base. AHHH-mazing, and the perfect wedding cake for any modern Morticia and Gomez. ;)


I hope you guys enjoyed! Have a sweet Sunday, and a happy Halloween!


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