It's time once again to educate our sarcasm-impaired brothers and sisters. That's right! It's...

Sarcasm Awareness Month!

How does that make you feel?

Ladies and gentlemen, sarcasm!

And that brings us to our first lesson: lack of punctuation.


You may remember one of the classic sarcastic cakes from way back:

The sarcastically inept might think this is praising Bob when, in fact, it's telling Bob to go suck an egg.


Let's try some more:
What are these cakes really saying?

This means the best probably happened a while ago, and you missed it.


This means you did something stupid - and everyone saw.


And this means nobody here cares about the specifics of your situation, so go away so we can eat some cake already. 


There you have it! I do hope we've made you more aware of sarcasm.

Because that would make us:

No, really.

See what I did there?


Thanks to Mariya N., Sarah C., Donna H., Kim B., Brad C. & Julia K. for being the brightest rays of sunshine yet, only in a really really good way. Honest.


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