"Tall And Tan And Young And Lovely, The Girl From Ipanema Goes Walking..."

If you hadn't heard, tomorrow is National Talk In An Elevator day. Each year, we use this day to step out of our comfort zone, go beyond the small talk, and really open to each other in that delightfully confined space.


For instance, let's say Doug held the door for you. You might say:

But why not try something that will really get the conversational juices flowing?

Something like:

See? Now you're sure to have a lively conversation!


Oh no! You stepped on Nelah's toes on the crowded elevator?

You could say:


But why not lean in close and scream:

This works especially well if it's not your birthday.


Brad from Marketing just made a big sale. Normally, you might greet him with something simple like:


But you hate Brad.

No better place to start a rumor than an elevator.


Eventually, you'll reach your floor and it will be time to get off. (heyooooo)
You could say something boring like:


But why not leave them with more to talk about?

Make sure they all know you're talking to Brad.

He knows what he did.


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