The Leash Is Just For Show; It's Very Well Trained

It's "Take Your Houseplant For A Walk" day, in case you were wondering what I'm doing with this ficus.

::uncomfortable silence::

Soooo... I notice you don't have a plant with you.

::more silence::

That's alright, just head to your local bakery!

See, I'm sure this one needs to get out.


And this one could definitely use some fresh air.


Here Ron is attempting to shoo a cake plant outside:

Silly Ron. You have to WALK your flower cake.


Just look how sad this one is, waiting for someone to play catch with it:

Hey Ron, GO LONG.


Besides, think of all the social benefits of walking your plant cakes. The friends they'll make!


The mental health professionals you'll meet!

"What can I say? I'm a big cake fan. Bahahaha!"

"....ok Sheila but explain the leash."

So get on out there, minions, and walk a plant. Or a cake of a plant. We won't judge. Me and the ficus, we're pretty open-minded.


Thanks to Jamie D., Carri M., Ron B., Crystal B., Sara P., & Megan C. for being out standing their fields.


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