See The Sweets That We Post On Sunday? THEY CALL ME


(By Lambert Academy of Sugar Craft in Alberta)

Did you know I really, reaaalllly love the movie Moana?

It's just so good, y'all.

And these gorgeous cakes are totally doing our heroes justice:

(By The Cake Witch in South Africa)

Well, the mean coconut dude isn't so much a hero. But I stand by the chicken.


Look at these gorgeous icing waves. LOOK AT THEM:

(Baker unknown)

This is some of the best sugar water (heh) I've ever seen!


I love the bold sunset silhouette on top of this one;

(By Vintage Studio in Brazil)


Here's one just for Maui - check out that tattoo detailing!

(By The Cake Mamas in California)


And a similar style for Moana herself, with a bonus heart of Tefiti swirl and ruffly ocean waves:

(Baker unknown, anyone recognize it?)


Oh! Remember that icing wave earlier? Well here comes one made of sugar glass:

(By Bake My Day Acadiana in Louisiana)


Daaaaaaaaang. This really captures one of my favorite scenes in the movie! Let's zoom in for a closer look:

I think the baker used an edible image for the fish - possibly behind the glass? - which gives it a gorgeous sense of depth. Love it.


Speaking of a 3D effect, look how Moana's boat juts out from the wave on this one:

(Baker unknown)

I like the layer of beach sand under the water, too!


The grumpy coconuts are back (technically called Kakamoras), but how adorable is it that they're guarding the top tier?

(By Maria Fernanda in Brazil)

I kind of want a couple guarding my desk now.


And finally, here's Tefiti herself:

(By Elegateau in London)


AAA! So perfect I can almost hear the song playing. (Must. Not. Cry. Again.)

I couldn't cut this, gang. I'd put it behind glass and just sing to her all day. ("This is not [sob] who you are! You KNOW... [louder sobs]... who you are. OH GAAAAH IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL.")

K, I'm fine. This is fine. Really.

::lower lip trembling::

Maybe I'll just go watch the whole movie again real quick.


Happy Sunday, gang! Hope it's extra sweet.


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