The Irish Bakery Rovers

December 26th is traditionally the slowest day of the year for Cake Wrecks. Apparently, people are "spending time with family" or whatever. Now normally, we would put up the Sandra Lee Kwanzaa post which is glorious in its wreckitude, but this year, I thought I'd do something different.

Because Jen's asleep and I can do what I want because she's not the boss of me!*

(*Okay, technically, she is my boss. Love you, sweetie!)

...So, um, enjoy!


There were green alligators...


...and long-necked geese,


some pimply-backed horses...


...and some chimpanzees.


Some cats,


and rats,


and elephants...


...but sure as you're born,



the creepiest of all was the unicorn!



Thanks to Leslie J., Terri C., Luci, Samantha P., Sara A., Rysha M., Kathie N., Jenn M., and Chris B., who have probably all heard this song even though Jen hadn't because apparently, she didn't listen to 70's Irish folk music as a child. Weirdo.