This Bakery's Baby Shower Display May Actually Give You Nightmares

I thought I'd seen it all, dear minions. Heck, I HAVE seen it all.

Just... not like this:

Either these naked baby dolls came to life overnight and started eating the display cakes, OR - and this is even MORE disturbing - the bakery did this on purpose.


I'm not even creeped out by dolls, you guys - exhibit A-Z right here - but this? With all the icing smears, and those staring dead eyes? (And why - WHY - are they naked?!)

Yep. That's a giant plate o' NOPE, right there.

But wait!


Apparently this naked demon doll sat in the icing before collapsing, which really brings the ol' "I licked that piece so it's mine now" strategy to a whole new level.


Maybe you didn't notice lil' icing butt, though, because:







Thanks to Kristen D. for the sweet dreams. And my "sweet dreams" I mean "screaming nightmares." You monster.


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