It's Like A Little Baby Unicorn... OF NIGHTMARES

I'm so pumped for Frozen 2, minions. Not only do we get some sparkly pantsuit action (with CAPES, uh thankyouverramuch), we also get more of Frozen's real hero, Olaf.

And lemme tell ya, if my favorite snowboi doesn't hit us up with another song this movie I will be distraught. DISTRAUGHT I SAY.

So to tide us over 'til then... hit it, Olaf Wrecks!


::jazzy music starts up::
::slow zoom in on the bakery aisle::
::as dozens of terrified children run past crying::


Kids'll shake
Moms'll be sayin' "for goodness' sake"

All because my frosted face
is a bummer...

No body
Or hands
Just my head screaming according to plan

Prob'ly scaring everyone's Gran - a bummer!

I'll gesture towards a Pac-Man
With eyes as dead as night


And I'll sneak up on little Suzie...


...and give her



AAAAAnd I can't

wait to see,

what Elsa will think of meeee!


'Cuz this nightmare fuel is definitely

...a bum-merrrrrr!


Thanks to Jodee R., Cecy E., Maya O., Mike C., I.B., Andrea K., & Amanda D., who are clearly all worth melting for. Pass the wet-naps.


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