Friday Favs 8/5/16

Some of my favorite new submissions this week:


A former patient wanted to thank the nursing staff at her hospital, so she had a cake sent over.
Clearly, she learned at least one thing during her stay:



So it's taken forever and more merciless mocking than even I thought I was capable of, minions, but at long last, it appears bakers are finally - FINALLY! - giving up on the oh-so-wrecky Frozen cake kit:


Rachel ordered one of the cupcake cakes (PATOOIE!) last week. Here's what she got:


Note how they're not even trying with the wonky purple mountains or trees anymore.

And hey, just call it a glacier, Rachel.
That way you can still say it's Frozen.


Here's a fun game: Flowers or balloons?

After that we can play, "edible or choking hazard?"


And finally, since the Olympics start today, bakers, let's talk Olympic Rings.

This is too close:

...a LITTLE too close.


But this is too far:

WAY too far.

Since these were both spotted at the same bakery, though, I assume the one in the middle was JUUUUST right.

(Shhhh. Let me have this.)


Thanks to Anony M., Rachel A., Stacey M., Emily P. for that ringing endorsement.


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