Friday Favs 5/20/16

A few of my favorite new submissions this week.


We do rag on bakers quite a bit over here, so I say, every now and then, why not throw them a bone?

Apparently he's a communal NO I CAN'T SAY IT.


That is exactly what the customer asked for, btw, and let me tell you, Bridgett-the-baker was very happy to see this order form:

So thank you, friends of Dick, for making one baker's duty fun again.
Also I just giggled like a 10-year-old through that entire sentence.


Here's a multi-eyed blob fish saying "WOW":

Or maaaaybe a melting pink... purse?... saying MOM.

I say we stick with the blobfish.


Now it's time for The More You Know! 'Cuz I'm bringing that back, y'all.

Ahem hem hem.

"Bonne féte" is French for "happy birthday."

"Bun Fight" is... not.


Speaking of things I kinda sorta know but not really, it looks like Game of Thrones is back on:

Clearly this was made by a baker who knows as much as Jon Snow.

(Right? Does that joke work? Keep it together, Jen, no one can tell you don't watch GoT. You got this. Just smile knowingly and quickly change the subjec...DANGIT I TYPED MY THOUGHTS OUT LOUD AGAIN.)


And finally, the silent game of workmanship that just keeps on giving:


Who knew they constructed their invisible boxes out of actual logs?


Thanks to Bridgett B., Anony M., Louise C., Melanie B., & Judi S. for finally finding an age-appropriate wreck for minors.


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