Bakers Make Passes At Dinos With Glasses

Ever wonder what's going on back there in the murky recesses behind the bakery counter?


How 'bout now?


I mean, do you suppose bakers sit around taking bets on who can write the weirdest thing on the stock cakes?

(For the neighbor who won't pick up her dog's poop in your yard? But then, why would you reward that?)


I'm pretty sure bakers are also having competitions to see how much they can get away with before a customer notices and/or complains:

Baker: "And I did it all... with THE SAME PIPING TIP."

Groupie bakers: "OoooOOOOoooooh!"


Then again, maybe some bakers just don't like us.

"Look, you asked for a space cake, I made you a space cake. See the stars? And the planet?

"What, that thing there? That's, uh, a space log. Or an asteroid. Yeah. An assteroid. BAHAHAHAHAAAA! That'll be $36.99 please. Then get out."


And finally, for this one they asked for a dinosaur with glasses.

So the baker drew a dinosaur... with glasses:

Just not together.

Which is a whole NEW level of wrecking that, frankly, makes me thrilled to be alive right now.


Thanks to Lindsay G., Jessica K., Cyrus C., Gail R., & Kay S. for the newest Cake Rex.


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