Friday Favs 12/16/16

A few of my favorite new submissions this week:


When you can't decide if you want a reindeer or an unenthusiastic Christmas ball:

Oh, deer.


When you try to do something nice for your Honey:

...but "Homey" don't play that.


When you want the cake flowers to match Mom's favorite china set, so you bring in a photo for reference:

There's a Be Our Guest joke in here somewhere, I just know it.
Now I want a picture of the plate slice on the matching plate. CAKE-CEPTION!


When special order birthday cakes just aren't what they used to be:

♫ My loaf
There's only you in my life
The only thing that's rye! ♪

♫ My first loaf
You're every breath I take
You're every bread I bake! ♫

WHAT. I'm on a roll!


And finally, when you try to be funny and order one of those "We're Just Here For The Sex" gender-reveal cakes, but the baker mishears you:

That's an inadvertent truth bomb right there, folks.


Thanks to Lauren E., Ange W., Cynthia F., Marcy W., & Janelle B., who know that's all we're here for, too.


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