Cupcake Day's Race To The Bottom

After you see enough cake wrecks, you can start to get the impression that individual cupcakes are a safe bet.


(I think some of those might be words. WHAT.)



The ghosts of cupcakes past! And a random pile of poo!


And behold!

The song "Run, Run, Rudolph" just got real, y'all.


Keep beholding!

I don't know what these are, but, ew.


And I DO know what these are:

...but, ew.

(Think they're cigarette flavored? [hurk!])

But all of that pales in comparison to the cupcakes that turn every frown completely around - so it's still a frown:

The cupcakes that make accidental nipples seem downright family friendly:


The cupcakes, my friends... that I hear taste like a$$:


This brings to mind a song, dear minions. May I?

All together, now!

Thanks to Alice S., Bethany P., Matthew S., Sarah R., Heather W., Chris H., & Eric W. for helping us get to the bottom of all cupcake wreckage.


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