Friday Favs 4/8/16

A few of my favorite new submissions this week.


I'll be honest, Brandi; I have some issues with this cake you ordered:


But with that said, you're right: the one you got is way worse.



David Bowie taught me that boys are made of slime and snails and puppy dog tails (and sometimes enormous pant bulges) but apparently there's another version that says it's frogs and snails and puppy dog tails.

Anyway, my point is:

Guess what that thing in the middle's supposed to be.

(And no, it's not a pants bulge. Sorry if I made it harder by bringing that up.) (And for that unintentional pun just now.) (Or am I?)


Because some cakes need no words:

Just desperate, silent screams.

(Bonus points if you spotted the dead fly.)


Score another victory for Hooked On Phonics:

Not that I can say much, of course: I can't spell Quinceanera, either. But hey, now we all know how to pronounce it!


And finally, let's see if you've had your coffee yet:

Once you spot the irony, it's TWO FUNNY.


Thanks to Brandi P., Katie O., Leighanne M., Kristen L., & Anony M. for crunching those numbers for us.


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