Sunday Sweets: Disney Wedding Cakes

When you know you'll never be too old for Disney, but still want to keep it elegant:

(By WDW Resorts)


A beautifully subtle design for Lady and the Tramp lovers:

(By WDW Resorts - specifically, The Grand Floridian)


Ever wanted Cinderella's feathered friends to lend YOU a hand?

(By WDW Resorts)

All together now: D'awwww.


This Beauty and the Beast homage has the famous song lyrics handwritten on top:

(By Gimme Some Sugar)

...but the skirt ruffles at the bottom are my favorite. SO GOOD.


Can't decide on a favorite movie? Then why not have all your favorite characters?

(By Story Teller Cakes)

This silhouette style is incredible! I like the unexpected touches of teal.


Or maybe you prefer the classic Cinderella's castle:

(By WDW Resorts, pic by Robert Brown)

Can't go wrong with this "something blue."


But I think you just might love Cindy's carriage even better:

(By WDW Resorts)

WOWIE. The gilded coach is definitely the icing on top, but check out those curves and ruffles! I could stare at those beautiful textures all day.


This next one was inspired by one of my favorite Disney artists, Tim Rogerson:

(By WDW Resorts)

I love the art deco feel. Gorgeous.


And this one was inspired by the design of It's A Small World:

(By WDW Resorts)

Ear worms aside, Small World is one of the most beautiful original rides, and this design captures it perfectly.


FACT: Just about anything related to the lantern scene in Tangled makes me cry:

(By Sweet Fix)



And finally, a more light-hearted approach to the classic wedding castle:

(By WDW Resorts)

Now that promises a great big beautiful tomorrow, right there.


Happy Sunday, everyone!


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