8 Dog Cakes To Get You Out Of The Doghouse

It's "Get Out Of The Doghouse" day, minions, and as always, I am here to help.

We won't dwell on WHY you're in the doghouse, but suffice to say someone, somewhere, is annoyed. (Especially the dog, I imagine.) So make it up to your special someone with one of these 8 sure-fire pastry pooches:

The "My Bad" Bulldog



The "Take Me Back" Terrier Trio

They've seen things, man.

The "Sprinkled With Sadness" Shiba


So pathetic, you're guaranteed to score sympathy points just by proxy.

The Prickly Poodle of 'Pologies

"I am... so spiky."

"SORRY! I mean sorry."

The Demon Dachshund of Despair

Look, I'm not saying you should scare your SO with a creepy dog cake... I'm just saying it's an option.

 Hairy Pawter & The Cupcake Cake (ptooie!) Of Contrition

"Expecto my bone-'em!!"

(Er... maybe save that line for after you make up.)

The Fast and The Fur-less


So named because it's all plastic, but if it happens to be YOUR nickname, too, then even better.

And finally...

The Hump-Day Husky


Guaranteed to give you a leg up!

[Also something something "chasing tail." Hehehehhehe.]

Thanks so Denise F., Alyssa F., Taryn V., Erin, Jessica C., Katherine L., & Kristin C., for the doggone good time.


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