They See Me Scrollin'

With graduation season upon us, it's time to once again consider that most impossible of shapes:


The lumpy burrito.


No, sorry, I mean that paper noisemaker thing you blow through:



Or is it a Corinthian column?

...made into a Chia Pet?


I'm being silly, of course. We all know these are really bakers' attempts at... uh...


compensating for something.

[evil grin]

Maybe if they anthropomorphized it?


In this case, "anthropomorphize" means "make it look like a poopy lollipop inside a beaker."



Speaking of things that've been nailed:

With a steamroller, by the looks of it.


Well, I trust this has convinced you guys to always request a real paper diploma on your cakes. That way, you're guaranteed to NEVER... uh... oh.


Never mind.


Thanks to Carol M., Cathy S., Stephanie C., Sam A., Kelly & Craig, Kat S., & Stephanie F. for proving this time the dog really did eat it.


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