Sunday Sweets Never Had A Friend Like Me

Since Aladdin's live-action remake seems to be underwhelming the interwebz this week (I'm hearing a lot of "It was... fine?"), I thought I'd serve up a Sweet palate cleanser for you today. Or, if you don't need a palate cleanser, at least a trip down nostalgia lane.

Yep, you could say life is your restaurant... and I'm your maitre d'!

(Baker unknown. Help?)

See, just like that, I'm remembering the movie poster on my wall, my inexplicable love for Iago's grating sarcasm, and the need to belt out Whole New World with the rest of the girls in my class.

Good times.

(Sugar Top Cakes, Australia)

 For most of us Aladdin was really Genie's movie, though, and to this day I quote his lines WAY more often than is socially acceptable. It's part of my charm.

(Leru Cake, Russia)

Galaxy buttercream and a hand-painted palace?!

On a scale of 1-10, my dear cake, YOU are an 11.

Someone made a cake version of the Genie Funko Pop!

(Bolim Bolão Cakes, Brazil)

 "Say what you wish, it's yours, true dish!"

It's also sweet to see so many Jasmine cakes out there:

(Hanoli Cakes, Glendale, NY)

The crown! The scrolly borders!

Check out the layers inside these palace windows:


(Couture di Sucre, Puerto Rico)

 I do wish more of these included Rajah, though.

C'mon, how many princesses get their own pet TIGER?

Here come Jasmine and Genie together:


(Vaganova Alina, Russia)

Then this little Aladdin and Jasmine are SO CUTE, ermergersh:


(Lilli Jamaluddin, Malaysia)

Here's a more subtle take with just the palace and the lamp:


(Unforgedible Art, California)

That lace trim with the flowers is gorgeous!

And here comes the most perfect Genie face:


(La Torta Perfetta Cake Design, Italy)

Talk about your trunk space, check this action out!

 And finally, here comes the diamond in the rough that truly has it all, starting with the Cave of Wonders on the back!


My jaw is dropped just like that, ha. Look at all those details! Iago, Jafar, the little stone steps and barrel!

Ready to see the front?

(By Artcake in St. Petersberg, Russia)

Ta-daaa! RAJAH! And, you know, everyone else! The marketplace, the balcony, little Abu on the stairs... I'm out of words. This is INCREDIBLE.

Well gang, thank you for flying Magic Carpet Airlines, and hope you have a great week.

Thank you, g'bye! Thank you, g'bye now, thank you, g'bye!


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