Flies On Walls, Cats on Cakes... MASS HYSTERIA

Ever wish you were a fly on the wall in a bakery? 

I mean, first, all the cake you can eat with no bathing suit season, but also you'd hear the conversations that result in half the stuff on this blog.

Wouldn't it be nice to know EXACTLY what the customer said?


To have some record?


Not only that, but also HOW they said it?


Or if Sean Connery ever comes in?

(Her name is Jessica and this is my new favorite mystery.)

Heck, if we just had some tiny clue what the client wanted their cake for...

Maybe then we could make sense of the world!

But really, I just want to hear the order for this one:

I mean, what's it supposed to be? What's the occasion? Is it the cat's birthday? Is that cat food in the middle? (Hang on... repressing gag reflex...) Are those supposed to be cat toys? And if not, why is there a cat there?

I have so many more questions, y'all. Help me out by giving me your most insane theory/back story in the comments, maybe one of those will help me sleep tonight. :P

And thanks to Mary B., Anony M., Emily H., Shaina H., & Ernesto G. for the cakey cat-astrophe.


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