Sunday Sweets Makes A Splash!

There's a Sweet new trend going around with mostly Russian cake artists, and I think you guys are gonna love it:

(Juso Cakes, Russia)

 Splash cakes!

At least that's what I call them. I'm sure there's a more technical term.

Some of these look like actual liquid splashes:

(Shevtsova Dasha, Russia)

While others are more abstract shapes:

(Annabel Bakery, online classes)

Some look like a billowing glass sail:


(Honeycomb Desserts, California)


Others look like fabric:


(Jasmine Rae Cakes, California)


Then this one looks like... electrified gold?


(Nadezda Axenova, Russia)


Some splashes are clear sugar glass edged with gold:


(Olga Kulikova, Russia)

Which looks amazing with this soft pink.

Candy splashes make fun little fruit bowls, too:

(Marina Nedraga, Russia)

 You know, as a garnish for all the donuts. NOMZ.

Oooh, then if you coat everything in gold, and put it on a black marble cake, it turns into the most stunning museum exhibit:

(Olga Kulikova, Russia)

WOW. Am I right? So stunning!

This last one looks like a liquefied flower to me, right at the moment of impact:

(Sasha Cakes, Russia)

I can't decide if the butterflies look like they're setting it down or perching on top! Either way, WOW.

Happy Sunday, everyone! I hope these made you smile, and that your day is extra Sweet.


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