What The Buck


Hi-ho! It's Number 1 again. You know, lately, maybe due to hunting season (wait, when IS hunting season?) we've seen an influx of deer cakes. Now, sure, the customers got a raw deal with these wrecks, but as an animal-lover I think it's also important to see things from the deer's perspective.


Take this guy. Here he was, minding his own business, when someone came along and punched him in the eye!

Poor defenseless little creat.... wait, is that a cupcake cake? Gimme your rifle.



Just think of how difficult it must have been for this cross-eyed deer to see his way out of the forest fire:
"My rack! My rack! My rack is on fi-yurrr!"


(Why am I suddenly craving roasted almonds?)


And do you know how hard it is for poor Stumpy here to navigate the forest underbrush on a Roomba?


Frankly, my deer, it sucks.



Our next friend is just swell:
Somebody get Puffy here a Benadryl.



So, the next time you're faced with a wrecky deer cake, don't be so quick to judge. They've been through a lot, what with hunters and fires and allergic reactions and earthquakes and killer bee swarms... so can we just vow to leave these vulnerable deer alone??



OMG, wait. This one looks delicious.


Fudgy icing, angel hair pasta, and raspberry jam? That's great taste and execution!



Thanks, Marisa W., Terri C., Bonnie, cewest84, and Zephyr! If you ever hoof it over to my side of town, give me a rein! You're all I really caribou, and I promise not to leave you stag! (Not really. Please don't call me.)