Sunday Sweets: Home Sweet Home

Hi there! I'm Lindsey, and I'm the new kid here at Cake Wrecks. I hail from the blog Better After, and was super stoked when Jen asked me to guest post for Sunday Sweets. I'm still happy dancing about it and hope I can live up to the utter awesomeness that is Cake Wrecks. Please sit by me in the cafeteria!


Now, my blog is about furniture and home decor makeovers and not cake. So I thought I'd ease myself into the cake world - dip my big toe in, so to speak - by featuring some furniture and home decor-themed Sweets. Who's excited? I am!! (PS: sorry about mentioning my toes and cake in the same sentence, ew).


Ok, first up is Leandro Erlich's chocolate couch:

By Leandro Erlich

"Lindsey," you're thinking, "You've been around paint fumes far too long. That is obviously a Mies Van Der Rohe Barcelona sofa!" No my friends, it is indeed a cake. See? Proof:

For your tum tum, not your bum bum!

(I ... apologize).


Nothing says comfort food quite like food that looks well, comfortable. Like this cake:

By Highland Bakery

...which is a replica of this bed:

I daresay the cake looks even comfier!


So, this next cake might not be exactly what your mother had in mind when she asked you to provide the cake at your sister's "Bridal Shower":

Submitted by Marisa S. and made by Planet Cake

Ha! That is quite the devilish grin, sir.


And we all know what that kind of monkey business leads to:

By Homebaked by Audrey



And also, babies!

By The Quaint Cake Co.

The home decor nerd in me lives on, because the first thing I noticed were those fabulous "hardwood" floors.


While we're on the topic of home decor, if you asked me how to improve a drab kitchen, I'd probably suggest painting your cabinets white:

By Cakes by Allison


If you asked me how to improve a drab living room couch,I can't think of anything better than draping a drooling Homer Simpson across the top.

By Erin Salerno


Or, if your local decor depot is fresh out of Homers, perhaps you could just add some nice throw pillows:

By Colette's Cakes

Amazing! I bet you could repaint your entire house twice in the time it took to make these insanely detailed cakes. Or come repaint my house. Either way.


Nailhead trim is also a great way to spice up any chair. And while I don't recommend nails in cakes, or shag carpeting in general, shag carpet frosting cannot be denied.

By Classic Cakes

Did you notice the little bowl of individually crafted potato chips? That is some serious attention to detail.


And here's lots more:

By Whipped Bakeshop

I spy: a stamped letter, used post-its, an iphone, three pens, two pencils and six wads of crumpled up paper!


Would you care for a spot of tea with this well-read lady?

By Cake Central member tguegirl


Or is a game of snooker more your style?

By Donna Makes Cakes

(Lest you falsely assume that I am really up to speed on my billiards terminology, I admit I had this conversation with Google: "Pool game with red balls?")

I love the use of black fondant for the negative space under the table, which effectively maximizes its eat-ability-ness. Very important.


Oh, you prefer tea? Well, how about tea for two? This next cake was inspired by the book My Very First Tea Party and requires a long, loving look to fully absorb every delightful detail:

By Karen H.

Like the steam curling out of the cups and the chocolate dipped strawberries. Fantastic!

(Note: the table cloth and wire chair frames aren't edible. But you probably knew that. )


Well, that's all for now! Thanks for letting me crash the party, and if you'll excuse me, I'm like, really hungry.


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