Sunday Sweets: Getting Crafty

Today on Sunday Sweets we are exploring the world of crafty cakes. And when I say "crafty," I don't mean like "Hey, that is some serious cake craftsmanship!" I mean actual crafts. With yarn and stuff. Woo!

Submitted by Betsy D. and made by Penny Steele Custom Cakes

That's not to say that this caliber of crafty cakes doesn't require craftsmanship as well. I mean, you are looking at a pair of edible scissors!

(Note to kids: please do not attempt to eat any household scissors.)


By Olga's Creations

I should also warn you not to eat crayons either, as my son once had to have a chunk of crayon surgically removed from his lung, true story. But cake crayons? Now that's a cake of a different color! Har.


By CakeCentral member Ceej

I could totally make this cake. Except for the paintbrushes, tubes of paint, exquisitely detailed painter's case and palette. But the blobs of paint, yeah, I could totally do those.


And now, please hold on to your socks, because they are about to be knocked off:

By Small Things Iced

Hey, check for holes while you're down there holding your socks, because I wouldn't be surprised if this thing could fix them, it looks that authentic.


Submitted by Stephanie J. and made by Jo Drummond

Sew AMAZING! Prize-winning ribbons are just piling up around this cake left and right!


Submitted by Sarah M. and made by The Sugar Syndicate

I hope Rita enthusiastically high-fived whoever made her this amazing cake, and then told them appreciatively that the "embroidered" name was an extra-clever touch.


Have you noticed that ruffles are slowly overtaking the world? I've seen them on shower curtains, pillows, headbands, diaper pails, birthday cards – you name it, some crafter has ruffled it. So why should cakes be left out of the fun?

By Bobbette & Belle

They shouldn't!

Simply beautiful.


And I'm quite sure that this perfectly pleated cake is prettier than my entire wedding dress.

By a matter of taste

But not all crafts equal ruffles and buttons and flowers, no! Sometimes crafting has an edge to it. Yeah, that's right. Real dangerous stuff. Stuff like ...

broken glass!

Submitted by Neenah E.
Spotted at the 2010 Boston Flower and Garden Show; baker unknown.

Like a mosaic! On a cake! What a brilliant combination. Say it out loud: "Mosaic Cake!" It's like it was always meant to be, much like my favorite snack, peanut butter and butter. Don't judge.


Or how about this Mondrian-inspired work of edible art?

Submitted by Vanessa M. and made by Colette's Cakes


Or this stained-glass masterpiece:

Submitted by Kelly C. and made by Maggie Austin Cake

 I don't think I would have the heart to eat this. That would be like going up to Da Vinci and being like "Hey man, great job on this Mona Lisa. Really beautiful. Mind if I lick it?"


Well, that's all for now! See you next time, and don't run with the scissors!

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