Whistle While You Hurk

Sometimes cake shopping is like being stuck in a Fractured Fairy Tale.

Like Snow White, you set out hoping for something "charming," but in the light of day you find yourself stuck with the second string dwarves.


There's Creepy:

Made by the incredibly talented Sarah Jones

"I dare you to cut me."



"I can't believe I ate ITS WHOLE WING."






(Queasy's second cousin)




She's planning on using your birthday candles for a waxing later.



"Because I have horns, you see. And I'm really Randy.

"(It's short for Randolph. Horny is my ... [sunglasses] ... MIDDLE NAME.)"


And of course, that old favorite:



Thanks to Stacey, Kimberly C., Carly G., Rachel K., Anony M., Bob B., & Jessica C., who know a picture is worth a thousand words - or in this case, one printable image file.