Cindy Has a Ball

Once Upon a Time ...

There was a girl named Cindy:

She was as sweet as 14 pounds of frosting.


She lived with her wicked stepmother and stepsisters - who, I have to say, were a couple of dogs:

Cindy spent her days cleaning up after her step family, but she always hoped for a better life.


One day, excitement gripped the land: Prince Dream was looking for a wife!

The parties at his pad were always hopping, but he wanted to settle down with someone before he croaked.

So the Prince invited all the girls of the kingdom to play ball:

Although his froggy dyslexia led to a minor scandal in the papers.


When Cindy told her step family she planned to go, they sneered,

"What do YOU know about playing ball?"

Disheartened, Cindy was about to give up, when suddenly:

Her Fairly Odd Mother appeared!

The Fairly Odd Mother arranged for Cindy to have a coach:

He had experience with all kinds of balls.

On the day of the game, Cindy snuck out to play. Her coaching paid off, and she dazzled the prince!

Sadly, before she could meet him, Cindy's stepmother dragged her home. All the heartbroken prince could find was one of her hideous flip-flops:

He vowed then and there to find the foot that fit the flip-flop, and then buy it more appropriate footwear for sports.

Fortunately the Prince remembered Cindy's distinctive toenail fungus, and found her that same afternoon in the foot-care aisle at Target!

Their love bloomed in front of the bunion cream, and they were married that very day.

As the prince struggled to carry her off to his castle, everyone agreed that Cindy had never looked happier:



Enchanted thanks to Olyvia S., Becca M; Sarah C., Shaina H., Iny, Kathleen C., Megan J., Leslie S., and Anony M., who helped make all our wrecks come true.


Note from Jen: For instant lolz, repeat after me: "Find the foot that fit the flip-flop. Find the foot that fit the flip-flop. FIND THE FOOT THAT FIT THE FLIP-FLOP."