Art School Rejects

Ever wonder what happened to all the people who submitted their drawings of Tippy the Turtle and were rejected by the famous artist school?

"Eye. Hat. Turtleneck(s). Nailed it!"


'Cuz I think a lot of them became cake decorators.

Think about it:

How else can you explain someone promising this...


... and then delivering this?

"Square. Dots. Tag. Nailed it!"


Or how about this Mad Hatter's treat?

"Just the two top tiers, you say? In pink, purple, and green? Cool."


"You mad?"


"So this one wants a cake with a big bow and a bald baby? Noooo problem."


 "That'll be $49.95."


Of course, sometimes bad art can have consequences. After all, there's a fine line between cute as a button:

... and lifelong therapy.

"Can't sleep; button-eyes will eat me."


Thanks to Adriane D., Cara N., Joana, Anony M., and Tippy for the artful education.