Wild Wreckdom

On the remote island of St. Kawkapuey lives the mysterious Cacapillar.

Often mistaken by tourists as monkey droppings, these sweet-smelling carnivorous insects are most often found in local baseball fields:

...and outdoor cooking grills:

A highly adaptable creature, the Cacapillar has learned to subsist on the island's most readily available diet: stale Funyuns and leftover Whiskey:

[Fun Fact: The population of St. Kawkapuey has the world's highest concentration of Karoake bars per person, and once declared a national "Hangover Day" to celebrate the season finale of Dancing With the Stars.]


Though outsiders find the cacapillar off-putting, locals consider it good luck to find one in their home. They also celebrate the warmer summer months, when the island's cacapillars encase themselves in shimmering golden cocoons:

...and then emerge, transformed, as the island's national mascot:

The Majestic All-Seeing Flutterturd


Which can grow to weigh as much as a whopping 25 pounds:


After cavorting in traffic and laying siege to local liqueur stores, the Flutterturds eventually complete their life cycles by dive-bombing into area vegetable gardens en masse:

There they provide excellent fertilizer, though locals admit the smell of whiskey can take several months to dissipate.


Thanks to Laura N., Michelle V., Chris W., Anony M., Holly L., Kimberly S., Kiana R., & Caprice A. for that giant piece of... information.